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Location de cabane sur pilotis

Camping in France in a log cabin

Cabin in the woods holiday : wooden cabins

Relive your childhood in an unspoilt country setting and enjoy the pleasures of a real camping holiday in a warm and cosy wood cabin. Ideal for a romantic break or a family holiday, they offer a real chance to get back to nature. Try also camping in a tree house or in a wooden cabin on the water or simply on terra firma for a unique and unusual camping experience.

41 results


Camping Les Biches *****

Set in pine woodland, this campsite with its many activities promises a holiday that is both quiet and lively. Enjoy the onsite water park or the beaches of Saint-Hilaire-de-Riez, just 5km from the site along a cycle path.

Overall rating: 8.23/10

Chalet Sweetflower Confort+

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Neuveglise Sur Truyere

Camping Le Belvédère ****

Set on a wooded hillside between the Cantal mountains and the majestic Truyère gorges, the views will take your break away.

Overall rating: 9.06/10

Cabane Lodge Premium 40.50m² Terrasse couverte comprise (2 chambres) - TV incluse

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Camping L'Île d'Offard ****

Come and explore the beautiful Loire Valley from our campsite in its stunning location on the banks of the River Loire.

Overall rating: 8.59/10

Cabin Lodge on piles Confort 23m² (2 bedrooms) Terrasse 8 m² - without toilet blocks

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Camping La Promenade ***

An ideal holiday destination for nature lovers where the pace of life is dictated by the river Loire…

Overall rating: 9.25/10

Hiker cabines

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Sweetflower Premium 43m² 2 bedrooms

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La Flotte

Camping Le Bel Air ***

A stone’s throw from the long, sandy Plage de l’Arnérault, with views of La Rochelle, the Bel-Air Campsite offers all the treasures of the Atlantic Ocean and the Île de Ré on your doorstep.

Overall rating: 8.36/10

Cabin Lodge Wood Confort+ 38m² (2 bedrooms) sheltered terrace 8m²

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Sweetflower on piles Premium 43m² 2 bedrooms, terrace 11m² + TV +With sheets

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Camping des Pins ****

The never-ending beaches of Soulac-sur-Mer, the Atlantic, the great forests and, of course, the world famous vineyards.

Overall rating: 8.4/10

Wooden cabin AMAZONE - 2 Bedrooms - No bathroom - Terrace - 24 m²

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Camping Les Nobis d'Anjou ****

Quiet, peaceful and leafy, the campsite sits at the foot of the Château de Montreuil Bellay on the banks of the River Thouet and close to many of Anjou’s cultural treasures.

Overall rating: 9.26/10

Cabin Cosyflower Premium 2 bedrooms

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Camping La Rochelambert ****

A campsite with a difference set on the banks of a river amid the wild and beautiful landscape of southern Auvergne.

Overall rating: 9.47/10

Wooden cabin Cabanon Bleu 8m² + Terrace 3m² - without toilet block

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Cabanon Vert 10m² + Terrace 3m² - without toilet block

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Cabanon Jaune 12m² 1 bedroom + Terrace 3m² - without toilet block

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Cabin Robinson + 15m² + bathroom + terrace 14m²

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Wooden hut Premium 17 m² + terrace 30m² - with bathroom

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Cabin Lodge 25m²- 2 bedrooms + sheltered terrace 12m²

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La Bourboule

Camping Les Vernières ****

Located in the very heart of the beautiful, verdant Auvergne, the site makes a great base from which to explore the Puy de Sancy and the Mont Dore.

Overall rating: 9.1/10

Wooden hut 9 m² (1 bedroom)+ sheltered terrace - without toilet blocks

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Wooden hut CONFORT 25 m² (2 bedrooms) + sheltered terrace + TV - without toilet blocks

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Xonrupt Longemer

Camping Verte Vallée ***

The lovely Vologne river valley, surrounded on all sides by towering firs and great lakes, is one of the most beautiful protected sites in the Upper Vosges.

Overall rating: 8.94/10

ECO Wooden hut ECO-POD 6m² + terrace - without private facilities - 2015

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ECO Wooden hut ECO-POD FAMILY 13 m² + terrace - without private facilities - 2015

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